REPOKER & DOLLAR, S.L. is responsible for processing the data collected on this website as well as the data you send us by e-mail, telephone or physically.

Processing purpose: if you are a customer, we process the information you provide us aiming to: process your online order, mantain communication regarding your order, process the return if needed and send promotional communications you might be interested in, both via promotional notifications or via our newsletter. Moreover, in case you have personally requested a REPOKER customer card at our stores, your data will be processed so as to apply personalized offers and discounts. If you are one of our partners, suppliers or business contacts, your data will be processed in order to enable both communication and administrative management that may be required along the employment relationship. If you are part of the REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. staff, your personal data will be processed at an aim to ease the fulfillment of the employment contract, its labour, fiscal and administrative management, while aiming to maintain communication along the employment relationship. If you are suscribed to our newsletter, or have applied for further information, your data will be processed in order to ensure that marketing communications and updates on the information required can reach you.

Processing basis: if you are a customer, the development of the contractual relationship will work as the legal basis, although you may be requested to give your consent along the purchase process too. In case of being subscribed to our newsletter as well, the legitimate interest to carry out communications on products among our catalogue you might be interested in will also be considered the legal basis. In case of being part of our suppliers or partners, the development of both the contractual and pre-contractual relationship will constitute the legal basis. In case of belonging to the REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. staff, the development of both the contractual and pre-contractual relationship will constitute the legal basis. In any case, you may also be requested to give consent as well. If you are not a customer yet, you must know that any information you provide us with either by filling in the purchase form or by entering your e-mail address when subscribing to our newsletter will be considered as giving your free, express, explicit and informed consent. By providing us with this personal data you are allowing us to collect and process your personal data with the intended use previously mentioned. ITS FULFILLMENT EXPRESSLY ENTAILS THE GRANTING OF YOUR EXPRESS CONSENT.

Transfers: your REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. customer data will exclusively be transferred following the provisions of the law such as public administrations, or in order to enable your purchase, such as finantial bodies and courier companies. Your data as a supplier for REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. will exclusively be transferred following the provisions of law, or in order to enable the development of the services, such as banking institutions. Your data as a part of the REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. staff will exclusively be transferred following the provisions of law, such as public administrations or occupational risk prevention companies, as well as to enable the development of the service, such as banking institutions. Your data as a REPOKER & DOLAR S.L. business contact will not be transferred in any way.

Data preservation: In order to guarantee a lawful, loyal and transparent processing of data in relation to the data subject that is also relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed, we inform you that your data will be processed for as long as the service agreed upon is maintained. However, we inform you that said data can be preserved for 5 years for civil and commercial purposes, as provided for in the Commercial Code, and 4 years for tax purposes, as provided for in article 66 of the General Tax Law, and 5 years according to labour legislation (Art. 21 SHEETS). However, the data will be locked under the appropriate security measures in order to prevent its destruction, loss, illegal access or alteration and to guarantee the user's rights and freedoms.

International data transfers: No International data transfers are planned.

Rights of data holders: In accordance with articles 12 and following from  GDPR-UE- 2016/679, you have the right to access your personal data, to request its rectification or erasure when no longer necessary, to withdraw your consents and restict its processing, as well as to request the data's portability, by sending a written request accompanied by any identifying document to the following address: Pza. Carmen, 7 Bajo 33204, Gijón. You also have the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Authorities.

Data gathering and processing during the purchase process: the form on our website requires certain data (which is highlighted by an asterisk) to be compulsorily filled. If said data is not provided, the online purchase process and other services provided in the website will not be available. Users declare that the data provided in the form has been filled in by its holder or by a third under their autorization, and that said information is correct, exact and updated. The user is responsible for, therefore, the truthfulness of the personal data provided. REPOKER & DOLLAR S.L. will not be responsible for the inaccuracy of the users' personal data and consequently reserves the right to cancel a users' account along with any data that refers to it in case of finding out inaccuracy or lack of legality in them.

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INFORMATION ON COOKIES: Cookies are small files that websites, online shops, intranets, online platforms or similar, store user's browser and they are necessary to provide the browsing process with many advantages in the provision of interactive services. The following information on the possible types of cookies provides a better understanding on the functions they enable: - Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in browser's folder Therefore, these cookies are not stored in the user's hard drive. The information obtained by means of these cookies is used to enable the operative management with each one of the users who simultaneously access the website. - Persistent cookies: These are cookies that remain stored in the cookie space of your computer even when you have closed your browser. Next time you enter our website said cookies will hold information that will ease the navigation process (such as accessing the service directly without longing in) or provide a commercial service (offering those products or services related to previous visits). Cookies exchanged when browsing a website can be: - Cookies of origin or own: They are cookies generated by the website that is being visited. - Third-party cookies: These cookies are received when browsing a website, but have been generated by a third party service hosted on the website. An example could be the cookies used by an advertisement or banner on the website we are visiting. Cookies used by a website's visitor counter can be set as another example. Cookies can be used for: - Technical purposes: These are also known as "strictly necessary" cookies. They allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist therein, such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas, remembering the products included in an order, carrying out the purchase process, applying for registration or participation in an event, using security elements during navigation, storing content for video or sound broadcasting or sharing content through social networks. - Functionality: They make it possible for each user to customize aspects such as the site's language, display formats, etc. - Analysis or performance: They allow us to track the number of visits and navigation criteria of different areas of the website, application or platform and allow us to create navigation profiles of the users in order to make improvements based on the analysis of the use made by the service users. - Advertising: These cookies allow us to implement efficiency parameters in the advertising offered on the website. - Behavioral advertising: Cookies that allow the implementation of efficiency parameters in the advertisings offered on the website, based on information regarding the behavior of users. Said information is obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile. The advertisings displayed are based on said profile.

DETAILS OF COOKIES USED ON THIS PHPSESSID SITE: these are technical and strictly necessary cookies containing the session identifier. They are deleted once the browser is closed. lang: technical and strictly necessary cookie containing the session's language. It is deleted once the browser is closed. ac_cookies: technical and strictly necessary cookie containing information on whether the installation of cookies has been accepted or not. It expires within 1 year from the last update. _ga: Google Analytics cookie that enables the one-time visit control feature. This cookie will be installed the first time a user enters the website through a browser. In case this user enters the website again with the same browser, the cookie will understand it is the same user. Only accessing the website with another browser will be considered as another user. It expires within 2 years after the last update. _gat: This cookie is associated with Google Analytics Universal. It is used to limit the speed of request - the limitation of data collection on high traffic sites. It expires within 10 minutes. _utma: Google Analytics cookie that remembers the dates of the first and last time the user visited the website. It expires within 2 years from the last update. _utmb: Google Analytics cookie that records the exact time the user access the website. It expires within 30 minutes from the last update. _utmc: Google Analytics cookie used for interoperability with urchin.js tracking code. It is deleted once the browser is closed. _utmt: Google Analytics cookie. This cookie is used to process the type of request requested by the user. It expires at the end of the session. _utmv: Google Analytics cookie. This cookie is used to target demographic data. It expires at the end of your session. _utmz: Google Analytics cookie that stores the source of traffic or an advert to explain how the user got to the website. It expires within 6 months from the last update. cfduid: performance improvement cookie. The __ cfduid cookie is used to override security restrictions based on the visitor's IP address. It expires after one year.

CONSENT REVOCATION: HOW TO ADMINISTER COOKIES ON YOUR BROWSER: Some people prefer not to enable cookies. This is why most browsers allow you to manage cookies in the most appropriate way for you. Some browsers allow you to set up rules to manage cookies on a per-site basis, giving you a more precise control over your privacy. This means that you can disable cookies from all sites except those you trust, or even delete cookies already stored. Here's how to do this in different browsers: Internet Explorer: Google Chrome: Firefox: Safari: Go to Safari menu > Preferences. In the Privacy section, click the Details button. Select the website that stores cookies and click Delete, or click Delete All to delete all cookies.